The creation of Ignas was tumultuous and deadly. The Primordials were the first to shape the world, but the Gods put life where there was only chaotic elemental fury. This caused great rage and anger for the Primordials, who only wanted to take back the raw materials of the world, soon a war broke out over control of the mortal plane. The Eternal War between the Gods and Primordials devastated the surrounding cosmos. The Gods emerged victorious, while the Primordials disappeared into the abyss.

Meanwhile, the newly created mortals rampantly grew and eventually began wars themselves. The War of Wills was the greatest of these strifes as it was a battle for freedom from the creatures of the Far Realm. The end of this long, bloody conflict marked the end of the 1st Era. Treaties were signed among the intelligent beings of Ignas and peaced reigned for many years.

Now it is the year 4783 of the 2nd Era. Kingdoms have arisen and fallen since the 1st Era. Forgotten dangers lie dormant in the earth and so do lost treasures of the Ancients. A dark force has awoken in recent times letting monsters and evildoers roam free in the world. The focus now is on Anvilmoor, where you have arrived on your own ambition. Will you help the local populace in their time of need?

Fated Journey

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