Creine Zephyr

Inspiring Warlord


My given name is Creine Zephyr. I am not from here.

As a child I lost my mother as she delivered me and abandoned by my father. His mind weak with greif and heart laiden with pain he could no longer look at me. He sold me to a trading company where I was loaded onto a boat and held captive in the hold.

That Bastard of a father.

I was sold to a group of mercenaries Wild Card who thought they could tame the boy that was not yet a man. But I took from them skill and strategy. I studied the leader Offock, watched how he moved and ordered his men to flank and post positions. Where he faulted I fixed with my own versions and ideas on how to modernize combat. I developed in skill and strategy faster then anyone they had seen. Born killer and dear comrade. I ran with Wild Card for the better part of 5 years before I went my separate ways. By the end I had the respect and honor to lead our men into battle and always able to claim victory. I left on good terms….my new family….brothers….fathers…..friends.

For a long time I wondered through the hills and valleys. No direction but to hone my tracking and awareness skills. I would track wild elk and boar for days. Climb the steepest peak and watch everything for hours and become my surrounds….aware of every movement. At peace with my mind and body I felt as if I had become the best at my skill set.

I had become accustomed to hanging out in local taverens always looking for a good gallon of ale or heroic stories. This brings me to where I met my by far shortest companion Finnan Keen or as I call him “Finn”. He is quick with his hands but had not met anyone like me before. As you look at my size you don’t feel as if i could move or have the light feel that I do. Well Finn tried to pick my pockets. Not so fast. It would have been a more exciting story but I caught his little hand and picked him up and sat him at the bar stool beside me. Thats it, somehow we became the best of companions. Odd jobs and more serious ones. His skill set came in handy to often to count. My friend Finn.

One of our last jobs together before banding up with some others…..well just check out Finn’s bio and his story telling splendor will explain it to you….

Creine Zephyr

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