Finnan Keen

Trickster Rogue


Your treasures will be mine before your body hits the floor.

-The Gloves of Grand Larceny is the only stolen treasure that Finnan keeps with him all the time as a reminder of how good a thief he truly is. (+2 to thievery checks)


Finnan Keen, or “Finn” to those who name him as a friend, has an eye for adventure which is uncommon for halflings. In his youth, Finnan’s father kept pushing the halfling traditions on him, but a farmer’s life was not exciting enough for a dreamer like Finn. At the age of 12 in the darkest hour of midnight, Finn left his family and his heritage behind as he quietly ran away from his village in Northridge.

Finnan eventually joined a band of travelling minstrels called “The Sprechstimme”. Before leaving the group, Finn picked up many skills he would never have learned in his halfling society. While touring with the group he learned fluent Elvish, was able to recite all of their tales and songs, and most importantly he learned to be a very convincing actor. His newly trained serpent tongue only helped him steal more effectively.

As he got older he began to steal for pleasure not neccesity. He found the adrenaline rush addicting and was able to hone his thieving skills in the service of a noble named Sir Samuel Heinrich. Finn worked for the eccentric recluse as a stable boy and Sir Samuel worked for Finn as a challenge to his “special” skills. The rich noble collected enchanted items and kept them locked down tight…but not tight enough. Many a shiny object made its way to Finn’s collection but none so prized as “The Gloves of Grand Larceny” as the placard under the now empty display case called them. Once these enchanted gloves were in his possession, Finnan left the service of Sir Samuel Heinrich never to be seen in that village again.

Being small, even for a halfling, helped him on his way through the darkened streets and seedy underbellies of most towns. Stealth became second nature to him and stealing kept him alive. He started spending most of his time in local taverns, though he never touches alcohol. He found out that taverns are where foolish people would brag of their treasures. Finn saw their arrogance as an invitation to his thieving hands. It was also in a tavern where he met one of his greatest allies, a minotaur named Creine Zephyr. Their obvious differences made them quite a spectacle but there had never a greater threat. With Finn’s speed and Creine Zephyr’s brawn they became an unstoppable force.

One day as Creine Zephyr and Finnan were doing a simple drop off job, things took a turn for the worse. At the drop off point, they were ambushed by a large band of gnoll marauders. As the gnolls closed in, the future looked grim for the halfling and his minotaur friend until a strange blast of magic came flying in from beyond the tree line and killed several of the marauders. A tribal shifter and strange wizard emerged to aid Finnan andCreine Zephyr. With the gnolls defeated and a new alliance formed between the four, they set off together seeking new treasures.

Now Finn has joined up with a crew that is sure to bring adventure (and “shinies”) his way. Deadly with his short sword and shruikens, Finn is quick to kill his foe and even more quick to raid the corpse.

Finnan Keen

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