Leonitas Brutalaus (MIA)



A bladeling avenger who serves The Raven Queen. His birth was an omen to his people, but has yet to reveal itself to Leonitas himself. He joined up with Titan, Finnan Keen, and Creine Zephyr at a tavern in Heimdal.

Leonitas – “I have the same dream over and over. It begins with me kneeling before my old master at the temple for our secret sect. He hands me a scroll, a new assignment in honor of The Raven Queen, and tells the me that my ominous birth may finally be explained during this quest. As he finishes talking, a poisonous dart penetrates his neck from an unseen assassin. I try to cry out, but again this dream will not end until it’s through. I watch in horror as my fellow avengers are slaughtered by unknown assailants. As I strike down one of the murderous bastards and flee the temple, I am challenged by one of the masked killers who throws back his hood. I gasp as the unmasked assassin is revealed to be an older bladeling that I once knew. As I evade this traitor and finally reach the safety of the nearby woods, I open the scroll. It is a cryptic message to me from the Goddess to seek out a living construct that can control the elements, as it may enlighten me of the meaning of the omen of my birth…”

Leonitas Brutalaus (MIA)

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