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  • 1st Era

    The First Era began with the creation of Ignas. No time was kept until the mortal races finally started to become civilized. The earliest records were over 17,000 years ago. These were old texts belonging to the [[Ancients]]. Notable figures from the …

  • War of Wills

    A great conflict between the mortal races of [[Ignas]] and the aberrant creatures of the [[Far Realm]]. The [[Warforged]] were created during this time to aid the mortal races against the aberrations. The dates are uncertain as to when the war first …

  • 2nd Era

    Began after the end of the [[War of Wills]]. The present era. The [[Fall of Goldhelm]] happened early on during this era. Presently, strange and dark things have been going on around [[Ignas]].

  • Eternal War

    A terrible strife between the [[Gods]] and [[Primordials]]. It shook the cosmos with its horrific clashing of immortals. Eventually won by the [[Gods]], the war took a great sacrifice of lives on both sides.

  • Ancients

    Those that came before, whether they be immortal or otherwise. Anything pertaining to those that lived in the [[1st era]] or before.

  • Fall of Goldhelm

    p. In the year 1437 of the [[2nd Era]], in the lands of [[Anvilmoor]], there ruled a king by the name of [[:goldhelm]]. A bright and hardy dwarf hailing from the eastern lands, Goldhelm was unequaled as king. He cultivated lasting trade relations with …

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