A Timeline of the Universe of Fated Journey. Here is the Calendar for Fated Journey, too.

Dawn of Time

1st Era

  • The mortal races become civilized and build vast kingdoms.
  • 1 – Oldest text found written by the Ancients to show dates and times.
  • 217 – Records show contact was made with the Feywild on the continent of Lazna.
  • 483 – Borin the Conquerer is born and over the next two centuries conquers Anvilmoor.
  • 711 – First mention of the Shadowfell in old texts.
  • 1700 – The Legendary Human King, Baldor, conquered and tamed a large part of Weldforn.
  • 5500 – The Dragonborn’s cherished empire, Arkhosia, lasts for over 2300 years.
  • 7839 – Mount Izulad erupts causing the downfall of Arkhosia and the The Blight.
  • 11092 – Durlin born and becomes the greatest explorer ever over his lifetime.
  • 11109 – Sir Thame the Architect is born and his life’s works are built during this era.
  • 11250 – Magni Goldhelm reigns as king of the dwarves.
  • 11850 – The human empire of Bael Turath expands in the southern land of Weldforn.
  • 12000 – The War of Wills begins.
  • 12193 – The Warforged are created by the races of Elf and Dwarf. Notable warforged are Book, Titan, and Dagger.
  • 12200 – Fatima is destroyed by its king when he uses the Scorpion Crown, also around this time, Bael Turath is corrupted and the race of Tiefling is born.
  • 12217 – The end of the War of Wills marks the end of the First Era as well.

2nd Era (The Current Era)

4783 – The Present Year




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