Fall of Goldhelm

In the year 1437 of the 2nd Era, in the lands of Anvilmoor, there ruled a king by the name of Magnas Goldhelm. A bright and hardy dwarf hailing from the eastern lands, Goldhelm was unequaled as king. He cultivated lasting trade relations with the other races and furthered the advancement of his own people. All the land was blessed with prosperity and a long peace lasted with him wearing the splendid Angdor Crown. Ruling over his subjects from his golden throne, the King grew ever more powerful and admired each day. Yet in the northern part of Anvilmoor an evil sorcerer had taken hold and was preparing to make war with his dwarven kin.

This evil tyrant to the north was called Volun Duergar and he was frightfully powerful with black magics. He was originally the warden of Anvilmoor’s deep dungeon located to the east of Heimdal and was a stern overseer of the convicts, but nonetheless was a trustworthy ally of Goldhelm’s. Something happened though that ravaged the mind of Volun and caused him to start torturing those under his watch. He corrupted the other guards as well and sent them out to kidnap innocent people, so he could bring them under his twisted control. In the darkest depths of his dungeon, Volun twisted his kin into a perverted race of smoky-skinned dwarfs. Thus was born the Duergar, or the Gray Dwarves. With his ‘creations’, Volun intended to rebel against the King and take control of Anvilmoor.

Upon receiving news of these ungodly abominations, King Goldhelm became enraged and raised a call for arms. Throughout the dwarven land the dwarfs flocked to Goldhelm’s banner, along with the King’s personal guard, the Auric Knights. To the north, Volun knew the King would assualt him soon so he too gathered his ‘children’, along with goblins that allied themselves under his despicable flag. Forming their respective armies, Volun’s and Magnas’s forces clashed in the southern hills of the Stone Hills region.

The horrific strife lasted a couple hours with each side showing no mercy to the other. Thousands laid dead and upon seeing his fellow people turned into such monstrosities, Magnas went berserk. He broke formation, followed by his loyal bodyguards, and sprinted towards the dark wizard. The guardians of each leader stepped aside to form a ring, with Volun firing a foul bolt of magic at Magnas. The King deflected the bolt with his shield which dissolved before his eyes, but Magnas paid no heed and threw it aside, charging at Volun. Magnas bowled Volun over with his charge and raised Thudul high into the air. While Magnas was swinging his mighty hammer downwards, Volun unsheathed Corl and plunged it deep into the King’s side. Of course the evil mage had no time to celebrate as the hammer crushed his skull into the ground. The fall of their king rallied the dwarfs, who slaughtered the remnants of Volun’s vile army. None were spared and those that fled were quickly run down and slayed.

After the battle the Auric Knights marched to the dark tower and toppled it. All those still left in the deepest part of the dungeon were left to die and it was deemed forbidden to enter it. A watch was setup to make sure nothing entered or exited the dungeon, but that was abandoned decades after. So the dungeon fell into ruin and as things do all was but forgotten of the terrible deeds done there.

Fall of Goldhelm

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